Monday, April 30, 2012

Editing: The Work Ahead

Editing a feature film is a cumbersome task that requires a solid group of people willing to put in months of work. Gathering a group of professionals for your project entails finding the right match, but those matches exist on many levels, from style, financial compatibility, work ethic, to basics like communication skills and timeliness.

When gathering team players for post production, one must understand the level of compatibility between the players. From finding people who edit on AVID and or Final Cut to finding others who work in those platforms or understand those applications, compatibility is key before starting to choose a team.

Once can easily stall a project if your sound editor has never worked with large files or massive RED ONE RAW files or has only TV editing experience and doesn't know how to edit in 5.1 surround sound.

Choosing a production house is sometimes the best choice. A one stop shop of sorts can ensure  easy flow from station to station. While this may be a more expensive alternative, it may be a great way to ensure efficiency and a cohesive timeline, especially if impending festival dates are looming over you.

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